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Featured in over 20 media outlets, including TIME, Science, The Atlantic, Science News, Houston Chronicle (front page); and congratulated on the floor of the US House of Representatives. Our highlights video also won the 2016 Lab Grammies!

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Featured in over 60 international media outlets, including NPR, Science, NIH blog, KQED, Science News, Houston Chronicle, Broad Institute, Harvard, and Baylor. Our paperflick won the 2015 Lab Grammies!

A.L. Sanborn. Scaling Dimensions with Fractal Curves and Applications to DNA Folding. (Undergraduate thesis, Harvard University, 2011.)

Presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January 2011 and 2014 and at the American Physical Society Annual meeting in 2012. Advised by Erez Lieberman Aiden and Sarah Koch.

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